Spent most of March and April building Raven Branwen, Yang’s birb mom from RWBY! She’s a jerk, but I love her 😭 Here’s a nice pic and then some of the work-in-progress (WIP), let me know if you have any questions! Going to try to do short posts more often, otherwise they’re overwhelming to try to start 🤗

📸 Rose Tinted Photography LC

Wig is an Arda Luthien in Black

Contacts are Fairy Dolly Red from Oh My Kitty

My first time embroidering anything! I printed out the design, then clamped the paper+fabric into my embroidery hoop and just worked my way song the lines. It was a loose stitch, so afterwards I could just pull the paper off and fish out any little ripped bits 🙂

This top was the bane of my existence! After 2 failed attempts, I found a karate gi top at Goodwill and just added the red on top.

Feathers are craft foam scored woth a box cutter and then hit with a heat gun to open the cuts.

Bleeding for the cause! Snagged my finger on a pin 😜 Top left pic is her little hip scarf thing, found a stamp at Hobby Lobby almost exactly like the design in show!

I slapped together her armor about 24 hours before the photoshoot (Yang V. 5 was the main goal, but I was hoping for one Raven shot), I used Kamui Cosplay’s duct tape patterning method to speed things up!

All done! I’ve got a couple things I’d like to touch up, but overall I’m really happy with how she turned out!

Here’s a bonus bird twin pic, with the amazing Marasan Cosplay as Auntie Qrow and Quintilla as Cinder!

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