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Hello, friends! I recently had the amazing privilege of being a cosplay guest and contest judge at Sabaku Con 2018 in Albuquerque, NM! Just wanted to write a quick (yeah right) blog post about the experience and share some pics, thanks for reading☺

First off, here are my fellow cosplay guests and judges, left-to-right (ignoring le me) we have Mara-san Cosplay as Hinata, Quintilla as Jolteon, and Ri Care as Xayah, look how cute they be! Go check out their pages, they’re full of magic and pixie dust.

Since it was an anime con, I tried to theme my line-up with that in mind! I fixed up my Fem!Fullmetal Alchemist from a couple years ago, mostly replacing a few automail pieces (where’s Winry when you need her 😭), built an original design Eevee gijinka in a couple weeks purely for the sake of WIP pics on the props, and of course for Mother’s Day I HAD to wear Raven Branwen 😉 They were all great fun to wear, but good grief, my Eevee fabric DOES NOT BREATHE!

Judging the contest was an amazing experience, we had about 3.5 hours of pre-judging where we got to examine each competitor’s craftsmanship and hear about their build process! Each one was amazing and mind-blowingly creative, and they honestly left me so inspired to try out some new techniques in my own work, both in sewing and prop-making! Their onstage performances later that evening were equally incredible, we have some madly talented people in our community and I was beaming like a doof through the whole thing ❤

I also ran/participated in several panels over the weekend! Friday was Group Cosplay and Cosplay Crossovers with Mara-san and Quintilla, and on Sunday I debuted my brand-new panel, “Tackling Props: A Beginner’s Intro”. No one left crying, screaming, or swearing, so I’m counting it a success!

All of that said, the highlight of the weekend was truly the staff, Greg and Stacy of Monkey Paw Entertainment have an incredible team that makes you feel like family, they’re all hilarious, and it was the smoothest-run convention I’ve ever attended. I wish I could name and thank every single person but alas, my thumbs would fall off, so just know that you are hugely appreciated and I can’t wait to work with you more! The company is always looking for staff for their other cons too, so consider taking a look at their openings if you’re going!

In conclusion, 100% recommend this con and other ones run by Monkey Paw, I can’t wait to try Saboten in August and I will absolutely be hitting Sabaku again next year! Thank you to everyone who said hi, stopped to chat at my table, and came to one of my panels, you were wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you create for next year!


Spent most of March and April building Raven Branwen, Yang’s birb mom from RWBY! She’s a jerk, but I love her 😭 Here’s a nice pic and then some of the work-in-progress (WIP), let me know if you have any questions! Going to try to do short posts more often, otherwise they’re overwhelming to try to start 🤗

📸 Rose Tinted Photography LC

Wig is an Arda Luthien in Black

Contacts are Fairy Dolly Red from Oh My Kitty

My first time embroidering anything! I printed out the design, then clamped the paper+fabric into my embroidery hoop and just worked my way song the lines. It was a loose stitch, so afterwards I could just pull the paper off and fish out any little ripped bits 🙂

This top was the bane of my existence! After 2 failed attempts, I found a karate gi top at Goodwill and just added the red on top.

Feathers are craft foam scored woth a box cutter and then hit with a heat gun to open the cuts.

Bleeding for the cause! Snagged my finger on a pin 😜 Top left pic is her little hip scarf thing, found a stamp at Hobby Lobby almost exactly like the design in show!

I slapped together her armor about 24 hours before the photoshoot (Yang V. 5 was the main goal, but I was hoping for one Raven shot), I used Kamui Cosplay’s duct tape patterning method to speed things up!

All done! I’ve got a couple things I’d like to touch up, but overall I’m really happy with how she turned out!

Here’s a bonus bird twin pic, with the amazing Marasan Cosplay as Auntie Qrow and Quintilla as Cinder!

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Yang Xiao Long Build

Build process for my main girl, Yang Xiao Long, from Rooster Teeth’s web series RWBY! She’s hands-down my favorite cosplay to wear, it’s so easy to
get into character and the second that you put her on you just feel like a boss (and honestly kind of want to punch something. BUT DON’T.). This cosplay was a huge challenge for me, and I’m so proud of how it turned out! I’ll admit I’m terrible about taking in-progress pics, so if you have questions on anything in particular just comment below 🙂


Yang’s clothing breaks down into a few basic items: her jacket, tank top, scarf, skirt, and leggings (disclaimer, definitely just bought the boots and black shorts, the time struggle was real). I’ll just bullet-point how I made each piece, and I can give you more details if you’d like to know!

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