Nikki Karay has been cosplaying in the southwestern US since 2014 when she attended her city’s first comic con as multiple versions of Link and was immediately hooked! Since then she’s competed in several cosplay competitions, with her Yang Xiao Long being part of two winning RWBY groups. Her favorite part of cosplay is how it brings people from all the different fandoms so they can all geek out together!

As far as skills go, Nikki is a self-taught/Mom-taught seamstress enjoying learning something new with each cosplay! Lately her work has begun to include more armor and weapons, which presents its own set of challenges, and she looks forward to seeing her resulting costumes reach a new level as she works to master these skills.

Outside of cosplay, Nikki works full-time as a software engineer and enjoys time with friends, her cats, gaming, watching TV/anime, and working on house fixer-upper-projects (hello, Pinterest fails).